• Action Job
    • Happy Trigger
    • Dehorn/Deburr all metal
    • Cerakote (choice of color)
    • XS Rail
    • Laminate painted stock with webbing (choice of color)
    • Accurize
    • Function and Range Tested for accuracy
    • Target supplied
    • Available on models SBL, Cowboy, CBA, GSBL.
    Destined to be a top choice of North Country guides and Hog Hunters as well. it delivers the massive punch of a 45–70 Gov´t. with unmatched speed – with the lethal assurance of a 6–round capacity thanks to a full–length magazine tube. Rapid target acquisition comes natural with its 18" barrel and XS Ghost Ring Sights and scout scope mount. And its Wild West Guns style big loop lever adds a distinctive traditional style while promoting sure follow-up shots, even with gloves. True to the inhospitable territory it was born to thrive in, the Model 1895 Custom Modern Hunter features the weather resistance of a laminated stock and stainless steel and Cerakoted finish on all major metal components.