Retailer Information

As you are likely aware, the Remington Outdoor Company recently faced some financial difficulties that forced it into an unfortunate bankruptcy. This proceeding resulted in the sale of all of the Company’s assets, including its intellectual property, brands, fixed assets, machinery, and tooling. Most liabilities, including open orders (even if pre-paid), warranty claims, and contractual obligations, were discharged by the bankruptcy proceeding.

Although a sad development for the legendary company and its loyal employees, we at Ruger are grateful for the opportunity it presented. We are thrilled with our acquisition of the Marlin Firearms Company - an iconic American firearms brand. We regard Marlin’s 150-year history of great, American-made firearms as nothing less than a perfect fit for Ruger. Together, we believe the two brands will stand as American icons in the firearms industry.

All existing Marlin orders should have been canceled by Remington or the Distributor accepting the order. We did not receive any sales orders with the purchase of Marlin, nor do we have the ability to fulfill them even if we had. As noted above, we have not yet begun manufacturing Marlin firearms, and we do not yet have any Marlin parts or accessories for sale at this time.

When we do bring Marlin firearms (and related parts and accessories) to market, likely in the second half of 2021, we will do so through our usual, two-step distribution model. So please reach out to your current independent distributor of Ruger firearms, who will have access to Marlin products when they are available. If you are not yet connected with one of these distributors, you can learn more at Ruger.com/resources/distributors.

We recommend that you reach out to customers who have open Marlin orders with you and update them based upon the information outlined above, i.e., the order was canceled as a result of the bankruptcy and cannot be fulfilled in the near term.